Do you store any information about me?

The only information we store about users is their email and a Google refresh token.

We use your email for the following purposes:

  • Tracking how many users from each domain are using DriveWatcher
  • Sending you notifications of your subscriptions
  • Sending periodic emails about updates or news about DriveWatcher (NOTE: we include instructions to unsubscribe in the newsletter, so you can do so at any time).

A Google refresh token is a code emitted by Google which allows an application (in this case, DriveWatcher) to get information about a user, limited by the permissions requested. Your Google refresh token is used by DriveWatcher in order to obtain the necessary information to generate notifications for you. This is:

  • Properties of the resources you are monitoring (name, file type, link, etc).
  • Activity in the resources you are monitoring.
  • Information about your contacts who made actions in the resources you are monitoring (such as their email, name and profile picture).

DriveWatcher uses this information only to generate the notifications sent to you.