Never miss a change in your Google Drive files again with DriveWatcher

Get real-time notifications about file edits, deletions, uploaded, and more

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Resources monitored and actions tracked

What resources do you want to monitor?

Drive files, Drive folders, Shared Drives, Google forms and Google Sheets.

What events do you want to be notified?

New documents, updates, permission, deletions and more Get a detailed record of all past actions performed thanks to the activity functionality.

  • Real time alerts, every 10 minutes, hourly, daily or weekly 
  • Multiple notification channels, Gmail, Google Chat and browser 
  • Set up filters for more customized alerts, properties of type name, content, mimetype, writers, and readers 

Create different work teams and notify of updates automatically.

Ever faced the frustration of missed updates, the chaos of who’s editing what, or the endless notifications about new shared documents?

Say hello to DriveWatcher – your game-changer!

DriveWatcher is the ultimate notification system that effortlessly tracks every change, keeping you in the loop without the hassle. No more confusion, no more missed updates. It’s time to reclaim your productivity! DriveWatcher: where collaboration meets simplicity, and security is a guarantee. Revolutionize the way you work – try DriveWatcher today!

Our customers say

Improved team communication, increased productivity, enhanced security and reduced time spent validating changes in your Drive documents.

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