Key Concepts

These are the key concepts you need to understand before you start using DriveWatcher.


A subscription allows you to monitor a resource from your Google Drive (either a folder, file, Google Form or Shared Drive), and be notified when relevant events involving that resource have occurred. The pricing of the app is calculated based in the number of subscriptions of a team.


Anyone who access DriveWatcher is considered a user. However, the pricing of the app is not calculated based in the number of users, but the number of subscriptions of a team.


People who are notified from a DriveWatcher subscription, but they do not need to have used the application, hence they can be users or not.


Teams are the organizational unit in DriveWatcher. Each team may have multiple users, a billing configuration, templates created by its users and a number of subscriptions purchased. Users will be able to create subscriptions as long as they do not reach the number of subscriptions purchased.


Templates define a custom format for the email notifications. You can configure a subscription to use one of your templates. In case you do not have created any templates, or the subscription is not configured to use any of them, it will use the default template.