Why DriveWacher is asking these permissions?

DriveWatcher needs to access resources on behalf of a user, so the very first time you run it, a consent screen is shown to you. Then DriveWacher will run on your context and it will be able to check and review the changes in the Drive activity. DriveWacher use secure OAuth 2.0 protocol to manage the authorizations.

See and download all your Google Drive files

Previously known as «View the files in your Google Drive», as DriveWatcher is going to check the changes in your Google Drive documents, the application need access to check and review what’s is happening there!

DriveWatcher will not read or download the content of your documents, it’s just required to check if there have been changes or not.

Send email on your behalf

Email notifications are send in your behalf. In case you setup a notification for your team, you will be the sender of the email.

See and download your contacts

When you setup the email notification, the people picker needs to read your contact list to suggest names and show their profile pictures.

DriveWatcher will not download any of your contacts, we just need it to display you a list of available users to notify and/or to filter by last modifier on your subscriptions.

View the activity history of your Google Apps & View the activity record of files in your Google Drive

The second scope will replace the first one after the upgrade to v2 of Drive Activity API.

Drive Activity API lets your app retrieve changes made to objects within a user’s Google Drive.  This provides additional functionality on top the existing Drive API for your app to do things like:

  • Display activity on user’s files.
  • Track changes to specific files or folders.
  • Alert a user to new comments or changes to files.

More info here

View and manage your forms in Google Drive

This scope is needed to create Forms Subscriptions. When you select a Google Forms from your Drive to create a Form subscription, DriveWatcher will show you the questions available on your Google Form so you can create different rules to notify different users.

When there are new responses on your form, DriveWatcher will check the responses and the rules you defined to decide who will receive the notification.

If you have more questions regarding permissions or privacy, please check our privacy policy and our terms and conditions or contact us and we will solve any of your doubts.