Why choosing a subscription package is the best option

If you need to make 10 or more monthly subscriptions, we recommend that you opt for a subscription package, which best suits you and your team’s needs.

Each separate subscription costs 2,50 €. But if you decide to opt for a package of subscriptions, each one gives you from 10% to 20% discount.

  • Basic (10 monthly subscriptions) 10 % discount
  • Starter (25 monthly subscriptions) 15 % discount
  • Team Plan (50 monthly subscriptions) 20% discount

All subscriptions within these packages have a fixed price, which means that they are cheaper than individual subscriptions.

Packages allow you to save more than separate subscriptions. It is also a great option for teams, because you can assign the package you want to them and forget if at the end of the month, they have created more subscriptions than they should have.

This subscription model is paid annually, with no renewal commitment.

To contract a package, please contact our sales team.