With DriveWatcher alerts, Andrea & Gestao keep their clients in the loop effortlessly

AR Consultoria e Gestão is a company that provides accounting and human resources services in Portugal, with more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in the national and international market.

The challenge

Due to the nature of their business, they had to handle a large volume of accounting documents for themselves and their clients. However, with the need to reduce paper and costs, they decided to transform more than 60% of their accounting processes through the exclusive use of digital documents.

To speed up the pace of communication and improve document management, they hosted all their documents under the Google Drive cloud, a project they called digital accounting and digital archive.

A transition that has allowed them to gain agility, accuracy, and accessibility. However, this change presented them with another challenge: how to maintain effective, organized, and controlled communication with their clients in the virtual environment.

The Solution 

The company relied on Evenbytes to use one of its tools, DriveWatcher, a SaaS platform that works on top of Google Drive and functions as a smart notification service to monitor all actions performed on files.

DriveWatcher is an ideal solution to notify an entire work team and clients of every move made on Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slides, photos, videos or any other kind of files stored in folders or shared drive.

AR Consultoria e Gestão adopted a working model where they share a Google Drive folder with each client so that both parties can upload their documents. At the same time, the configured a DriveWatcher alert to monitor that folder and receive notifications every time a new document is uploaded or any change is made.

When this change happens, both clients and company receive a notification via Gmail, Google Chat or browser with an activity report of all the actions performed.

New document upload
Document edition
Documents moved
Documents sent to trash
Changes on permissions
Documents renamed

The result
Thanks to DriveWatcher’s alerts, AR Consultoria e Gestão´s communication with its clients becomes a smooth and seamless process, being able to notify more easily and quickly when their accounting documents are uploaded.

Now their important folders are monitored with a frequency from 10 minutes to once a week, depending on the needs.

Además de utilizarlo con los clientes, utilizan este sistema de alertas dentro de la organización.

¡They never miss an important change in the documents again!

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